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Is it necessary to sterilize baby’s feeding bottle?

Is it necessary to sterilize baby’s feeding bottle?

Parents are more conscious in choosing the best for their babies that too when it comes to a new born baby. Many parents do some research on each product they use, especially baby’s feeding bottle. Once they selected the best one then a real task starts how to clean a bottle? Is it is necessary to sterilize baby bottles? The chosen bottle is plastic or glass or made of silicon bottles how to keep sterilize them in order to protect baby from infections.

You can listen to your mother and grandmother advices which will helps you to learn how to sterilize baby’s bottle rather if you are a single mother you can learn by yourself.

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 How to sterilize baby bottles:

 Sterilizing the baby feeding bottles is important because sterilization kills bacteria in the bottle you can use hot water or some chemicals to clean bottles. Here various methods are listed below about how to sterilize baby bottles

  • Sterilizing using boiling water
  • Sterilizing bottles in microwave
  • Sterilizing bottles using electric steam
  • Sterilizing bottles using bleach
  • Sterilizing bottles using tablets

Sterilizing using boiling water: this method is suitable for all kind of baby bottles here you have to take a clean pot fill with water submerge the baby bottle upside down inside the pot and heat up the pot. You have to ensure that there is no air bubbles formed at the bottom of bottle once water is boiled take the bottle with clean cloth and keep it to dry.

Sterilizing bottles in microwave: in this method you can use microwave to sterilize your bottle you may use normal bottle or it is better to use microwave sterilizing bottle fill the baby’s bottle with half water and make microwave high for two minute keep the bottle inside microwave once it complete pour the water out and make bottle to dry.

Sterilizing bottles using electric steam: the electric steam bottles are readily available in market if you need frequently sterilizer for baby bottle then it is better to buy a electric steam sterilizing bottles it is simple to follow instruction mentioned in catalog.

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Sterilizing bottles using bleach: you have to mix 1 teaspoon of unscented bleach to 16 cups of high temperature water and place the bottle upside down in the solution make sure that there are no air bubbles formed at the bottom of the bottle it should remains for 5 minutes then take bottle out for air drying if any bleach left out it will break down during air drying.

Sterilizing bottles using tablets: if you are outside and you are in need to sterilize the bottle to feed your baby then you can use sterilizing tablet which effectively remove bacteria make sure you are following instructions in proper.

All the above sterilizing techniques can be done in hand or even in dishwasher moreover washing baby bottle in dishwasher is easier place all parts of bottle separate in the safe box of dishwasher and makes cycle with hot water for a while then allow to air drying.