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Responsibilities of mother toward newborn child

Responsibilities of mother toward newborn child

In this world, the most awesome thing is to be a mother, once you become a mother your responsibility starts in that point itself. If you wish to give everything the best to your baby that is the natural mother feel. You need to teach your baby everything which is a most enjoyable and happiest moment in your life as an earliest job as a parent and you will be teaching your newborn to go to sleep without being held.

Baby won’t sleep by himself and they need parents arm to sleep which not possible at all the time, if it is not happened then the baby will start to cry in middle of night until parents wake up and take baby in their arms so it is necessary to teach the baby sleep alone in night.

Responsibilities of mother toward newborn child

Steps to teach newborn baby to sleep without being held:

If you want make your newborn baby to sleep well and not to wake up in mid of night crying for your arm to sleep to avoid these problem follow the steps listed below.

  • Step 1: you need to engage your baby during the day time by playing music, rub babies feet, show some funny faces or talk to the baby nap is also necessary for a baby in day time but you need to check the timing too. If your baby sleeps more in daytime than time make a clock set and wake up baby in day time.
  • Step 2: evening time is challenging time as parents come home completing their work and want to play with baby, engage your baby with calm and quite activities. You can spend time in carrying your baby giving them bath or feeding them. All these activities can stop rocking baby to sleep before bedtime.
  • Step 3: Both parents should take part in evening routine so that baby does not dependant on one parent to sleep and cause situation that without that parent baby would not sleep. Before starting the evening activities both of them have to plan about what they are doing like if you are feeding the baby after bath then it has to same in all evening till you put baby to bed for sleep. These routine actions make your baby to sleep without rocking in middle of night.
  • Step 4: Give your baby a soother like holding and covered with a small blanket or in a pacifier which encourage baby to have self soothing behaviors. But you need to ensure that this should not be practiced in large blankets or pillows which would cause risks to baby’s life.
  • Step 5: put your baby to bed when active by engaging baby full day through activities baby would feel tired and sleepy so when you put to bed baby will sleep nicely without any interruption.

You can follow all above said steps to make your baby sleep without being held and usually newborn baby is too young to sleep whole night so they wake up every 3 to 5 hours to eat at that time parents can feed her and put back to bed rub baby’s back, arm and legs this will help baby to go to sleep.