Reasons for healthy mother child relationship

Reasons for healthy mother child relationship

In this world, how people think valuable things are so special to them, in the same way mother attachment bond to new born baby is so special and this attachment increases a maternal empathy between mother and new born child.

Many pediatricians say this parenting style is mainly encouraging mother to carry their baby on their body often.

In addition, mother has responsibilities like breast feeding, sleep close with baby, console crying baby and try to interact with baby all these activities makes healthy mother child relationship. However there must be some moderation in child parent relationship based on children feel some children will feel smothered and wish to avoid too mush parenting attachment.

The parenting attachment has both cons and pros if you are parent you should aware about this.

Pros and cons of parenting attachment:

There are both benefits and negatives of attachment parenting which are listed below.

Benefits of parent attachment:

  • In parent’s point of view giving them to baby then baby will give them more this makes stress less in parenthood.
  • There are some physical benefits too while mother suckle baby it cause prolactin level to increase in body which results to get more sleep for baby and mother as well.
  • Since children learn more from parents activities it helps to develop personality on both sides. In attachment parenting parent will think in positive way to shape their child’s personality this action in turn helps to change parent’s personality too.
  • In parenting attachment parents can understand each action of the child thus parents can understand their children non verbal communication more than verbal communication. This increases sensitivity and awareness in parent child relationship.
  • Attachment parenting makes the child to get more connection to the brain and cheering the baby to study faster in efficient way. This makes the child to be with high intelligence.

benefits and negatives of attachment parenting

Negatives of parent attachment:

However, the parenting attachment gives some benefits it also create attachment parenting problems which are listed below.

  • Attachment parenting does not encourage child to explore instead parents requires child to be with parents all time by keep tracking their activities in order to ensure their safety but child needs their own space in some point of time to explore themselves independently.
  • Parents would fails to teach discipline in order to keep relationship strong this will lead the child to disciplinary problems in future the child would do actions out of disciplinary without parent’s knowledge and pretend to keep relationship good that nothing happened wrong.
  • Children who grown in attachment parenting will face difficulties in taking their own decision or to complete the task on their own even they are hesitative to choose their needs in daily life.
  • Child fails to develop their skills while they are more attached with parents, even though they are more intelligent they fail to do their work individually.

It is significant thing for parents to have a special contact with your kids during their growing period which means not attachment parenting. Parents should lead their child to have an individual life where they can explore themselves.